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lunedì 22 novembre 2010


Good morning everybody! today the sky is livid, so I keep on drawing cute stuff to brighten my day up :P
Lately I discovered this lovely site, and overwhelmed by its loveliness I signed up! Let me explain something about it: pingg is an online platform where artist from all around the world can upload their designs, turning them into ecards, in order to spread their art around the globe... I think it's a very cool way for artists to promote themselves and find other interesting works and people to connect with!
Now I'm showing you what I made tonight

Ok, it's just one of my dolls, but I think it's cute, after all ^^;;; now I'm hoping pingg staff to put my profile into the designers list.. please, pingg staff, do it for meee XD

2 commenti:

  1. Nice!

    BTW: Captcha Code:"HypeShe". Incredibile!

  2. ^^ ma no! questi captcha di oggi che interagiscono con l'utente.. *__*